Asian Brides Wedding ceremony planning

Wedding abroad or ceremony in a foreign style is a topic that interests more and more newlyweds. This trend is prevalent today. Therefore, there will be no severe obstacles for lovers of Asian brides to arrange a wedding in this style.

However, future families should also look the other way: more and more Asian countries are ready to open their arms to you and the wedding of your dreams!

European or Asian-style wedding?

There can be no single answer - it all depends on your preferences and desires.

A wedding in Asia is more suitable for you if:

  1. You want to marry an Asian woman. The ceremony in this style would be an excellent present for her.
  2. The ceremony's officialness is not so essential for you. In Asia, it can only be symbolic. Although, if you order an authentic tradition, it will be held in a real temple and will fully comply with the local wedding canons.
  3. You do not dream of a fluffy bridal dress with a train and a groom in a tuxedo. Popular tourist destinations in Asia are tropical climate beaches. This means heat, low humidity, bright sun, and sand. Therefore, the outfits should be light and comfortable. If you see yourself at a wedding in a white flying dress (preferably up to the knee) and the groom in a summer suit or even in shorts, then you are welcome! Also, Asian brides have a unique opportunity to wear a national dress - unusual and colorful for our eyes.
  4. You want warmth in winter. When it gets cold in America and Europe, the tourist season in tropical countries begins. Thus, a wedding in any of the Asian countries can be combined with a honeymoon.
  5. You are attracted by the exotic nature, and of course, Asian brides. Unique dishes, tropical fruits, mysterious places, original traditions - Asia will provide you with all this in abundance. You can literally plunge into another culture and feel it.
  6. You want a wedding abroad, but you are saving money. It is actually cheaper to hold a wedding ceremony in Asia than in Europe. At the same time, the price will not affect the quality of services and the wedding's beauty.
  7. You have no time, or it isn't easy to get a visa. Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam are the most popular countries for newlyweds. Depending on your state, you do not need a visa to enter any of them.

Asian brides wedding prices

Prices for a symbolic ceremony in different Asian countries are approximately the same and vary only depending on the set of services. As a rule, agencies offer to choose from ready-made offers - this is convenient because the package already includes the most demanded services (decor, photographer, master of ceremonies and wedding planning, coordinator). 

If you are not content with ready-made options, and your dream is to have a unique holiday - no problem, but you will have to pay 2-3 times more than for a package offer. 

If you want to save money, choose the "low" tourist season. Prices for all services fall at this time. Also, the cost depends on the decor's splendor, the choice of specific specialists who will work on your wedding and a place where the ceremony will take place (for example, a hotel, public or private beach).

As a rule, the cost of the ceremony in various agencies starts at $350. It includes an arch decorated with fabric and a definite number of wedding flowers, a presenter, a coordinator, a photographer for 2 hours, and a stylist. 

A Vietnamese-style ceremony will cost you about $800. The newlyweds can forget about such chores as planning dishes, guest seats, and so on. You will be dressed in national costumes, a ceremony will be held in a Buddhist temple, you will see a colorful show of dragons and lions, and the evening will end with an exotic dinner in a restaurant. 

The cost of an individual holiday with the development of a concept, the selection of a show program, and a personal manager starts from $ 1200.

Asian brides wedding ceremony features 

So, what to consider if you want a wedding in one of the Asian countries?

First of all - pay attention to the climate. The tropics are always very hot and sunny. This must be taken into account when choosing wedding dresses and shoes. Also, remember to use sunscreen (burnt noses in the photo do not decorate anyone) and drink more water.

A stylized or foreign wedding is always associated with a little escape: from conventions, cold climates, or annoying routine. Besides, a marriage with Asian brides in their local terrains is also a considerable share of national flavor, which will add a unique charm to your holiday, making it unforgettable!