Drummer THE Wedding BandI’ve heard it before, “I can’t afford a band for my wedding; it’s too expensive!”  Well, I’m here to tell you that a wedding band can not only be affordable but is also worth EVERY penny you spend on it!  I’ve always loved DJs, they’re fun, dynamic, can play almost any song and even play specific requests.  A band, on the other hand, can and usually IS the life of the party!  Most bands play a wide array of songs, and finding the right band for your wedding, party or event can make the night spectacular!

One local St. Louis band always stands out in my mind — BOOM.  I’ve often heard BOOM referenced as St. Louis’ “best kept secret” and that couldn’t be truer!  BOOM is a six piece band with two lead singers (male and female) and a playlist that will knock your socks off!  They play everything from classic rock to Motown and even modern pop music…can you say Justin Timberlake?!?  Not only that, BOOM goes the extra mile to make sure everyone has a great time, often interacting with guests on the dance floor to get the crowd moving.  I’ve never left a BOOM wedding reception where someone wasn’t raving about how great the band was.

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