Easy answer to that one – absolutely not! Favors are typically a fun little extra something to add to your guests’ wedding experience, but in all reality a wedding favor is by no means required! Sure, you’re guests might drive or fly in from another state and book a hotel room, all to attend your wedding, but that is why you invited them – they care enough about you to make that extra effort to be there on your special day! The opportunity to share in your excitement and be a part of your celebration is usually favor enough for most people, and I couldn’t agree more!

Keep in mind that while favors are fun, in many cases guests forget to even take them. No joke there! Plus, if you’ve already spent a fortune on amazing food, an open or partially open bar and a band or DJ, you’ve probably done enough to ensure your guests enjoy themselves and have a memorable experience to keep forever!

If you’re still set on showing a little sharing a little extra something with your guests beyond a small keepsake or trinket – have no fear – there are many things you can do in lieu of favors that will leave a more lasting impression…

  1. Make a Donation – Have a favorite charity? An organization that supports cancer research? Why not make a donation to that organization on behalf of your guests. It’s a touching way to go the extra mile but in a way that benefits a good cause!
  2. Plant a Tree – If your an eco-friendly couple, you may want to consider planting a tree in the name of each guest attending your wedding. It’s a fabulous and lasting gesture to your guests AND the environment!
  3. Feed the Hungry – Similar to #1 above, there are organizations such as Heifer Project International that will donate actual food, animals or even trees to help better a community and teach the community members how to sustain on their own. What cause…and what a gift!

As usual, don’t be afraid to step outside the box! If you don’t want to give wedding favors, don’t feel obligated to. If you really want to but don’t want to spend money on something you think your guests won’t use, then consider some of the ideas mentioned above. Talk about a way to show your guests who you really are as a couple and share with them what you care about most! Favors are great thing for guests to keep as a memory of your day, but there is no rule that those favors must be trinkets, place cards holder or even cookies.

The world of wedding favors and alternative favors is yours for the taking and making! We’d love to hear about any great wedding favor or “in lieu of favor” ideas you might have! Happy Planning! Cheers!

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