Wedding binders aren’t just a tool for your wedding planner anymore! They’re a quick and easy way to help you maintain your sanity throughout the planning process. However, your planner may have a special obsession with wedding binders, ehem speaking of myself here, so you may still want to leave it up to them to create. I realized this weekend as I was putting together a binder for an August wedding, that there is not much that I LOVE more than a neat and well organized wedding binder.

And the best part about your wedding binder is how much easier it can make your life! Whether you put together your own binder or you have a planner that does it for you, trust me when I say that it is one of the best decisions you will ever make! Do I sound a little crazy yet??

To get you going, here are a few basic tips for putting your binder together:

  • Use tabbed dividers, the kind you can write or print on.
  • Label the tabs with vendor name or vendor type.
  • Include all contracts, payment information, receipts, etc.
  • Include all relevant emails regarding your big day.
  • Don’t forget your sheet protectors – you’ll need these for any smaller items.
  • Make it fun – use fun colors, fonts and paper to entertain yourself!
  • Grab your hole punch and get to work!

I know it seems like this may take a little time, but in the end you’ll thank me for it, and you’ll thank yourself! Why, you ask?

  • Because everything is in one place!
  • All the details are and WILL be easy to find!
  • You might just get to keep your sanity, and…
  • If you’ve hired a wedding planner, he or she will love you for it!

Remember, if push comes to shove or if you’re really just not a binder person, have your wedding planner help you! Not to mention your planner will top it all off with the always important wedding day schedule! And if you’re in St. Louis, just give me a call, because f you haven’t heard making binders is one of my most favorite activities in the entire world!!

Happy hole punching! Cheers!

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