Flowers and decor aren’t just for the bouquets and tables anymore ladies! The boutonniere is wildly becoming more unique and more stylish every day, so your guys better get ready to start thinking outside the box. And as always, you can help them along.

“A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn by men, typically a single flower or bud. The flower itself is often a carnation, which is most formal white, while red remains a classic alternative. Other colours may also be chosen to better coordinate with whatever else is being worn, such as a blue cornflower.” – Eh, scratch that! The bout’ doesn’t have to be a carnation and it certainly doesn’t have to be white! Heck, it doesn’t even have to be a real flower anymore! One browse through some of Martha Stewart’s boutonniere ideas and you’ll see just how versatile it has really become. Check out my faves, a.k.a. the best from Martha!

Gotta love those boutonnieres! I am especially fond of the DIY versions, i.e. the garden variety, the fabric flowers or the beaded bouts. These new trends are really allowing the guys to incorporate a style of their own and I must say I am truly digging it! Not to mention you can save a little money because ordering a 7 or 8 bouts can really add up on your floral budget!

So go ahead girls, let your guys know what’s going on with the boutonniere in 2010, and get his creative spirit rolling. And maybe help him along the way if he needs it!

Keeping it short and sweet tonight! Happy planning…and cheers!

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