Short answer: YES!! Longer answer: OMG yes they can make a huge difference in the overall design of your big day! I recently heard from a St. Louis event designer, Mr. Rob Schaefer from Steven Becker Fine Dining, that linens are an easy (and INEXPENSIVE) way to bring a pop of color to the room, which can save you money elsewhere. Are you lacking a big flower budget? Throw on some print linens, put out votive candles and call it a day! Looking to make the room look a little more expensive? Select some colorful matte linens to add a touch of class!

Now, the best part about linens is that they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and fabrics…and did I mention they are pretty economical too? While I would never claim to be a linen expert (just yet), this IS something every event planner needs to be knowledgeable of! And if you are wondering just how important linen selection is, look no further than the one and only Martha Stewart. She’ll tell you how it is! Also, if you’re in need of a linen crash course, Liene Stevens can help you out as well!

And now on to some pictures of amazing tables…transformed with a little help from the ever so simple, yet completely fabulous table linen!

Pictures taken from BBJ Linen.

Simple concept, nothing new to the industry but definitely powerful! If you’re getting married in the near future be sure to check out your local linen supplier. Right here in St. Louis we have several, so don’t hesitate to make it happen! And if you still like a little color elsewhere (ehem…the flowers) be sure to contact your local florist as well…even if it’s just for a little something here and there. :-)

Happy linen picking! Cheers!

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