I don’t know about you all but I am a HUGE fan of sweets, and when I say huge fan, I mean HUGE fan! In fact, I just finished off an ice cream cone! :-) Heck, my dentist loves me because I help keep him in business. Despite my dentist’s warnings, I just can’t help myself – when my sweet tooth is a callin’ it must be answered! You wouldn’t just let your phone ring off the hook every time it rang now would you? I think not!

Speaking of sweet tooth, it’s definitely in full effect around birthday time, not just mine but everyone I know too. Whether it’s cupcakes, 3-4 tier cakes, kid’s cakes or sculpture cakes, I take my birthday cake anyway I can get it. Today, I thought I’d highlight a new cake maker in town, satisfying birthday (and wedding) cake needs all over the St. Louis, Missouri area. Her name is Shannon, the company is SugarBritches Cakery and the birthday cakes…well they speak for themselves. If you’re planning a birthday party (or any other kind of party) in or around St. Louis and you’re looking for a unique cake, you MUST give her a shout. I know I plan to!

Looking for some proof of her mad skills?? I figured that much…so check out some of my faves:

She’s new in town, kind of like Dishy Events, and that’s why we like her…well that and her amazingly fun cake designs! She’s definitely going to make a splash in the St. Louis area and we’re happy to have her as a Dishy preferred vendor! If you can dream it, we bet Shannon can make it! She can even make a cake for all you Twilight fans out there! Be sure to check out the SugarBritches site for more information and more pictures!

To top it off, Shannon blogs everyday about sugary goodness!! That in itself is a true testament to her dedication to sweets! We’re looking forward to working with SugarBritches in the future and for many years to come! And remember, if you need help with your party, we’re always here to help!

Happy Planning! Cheers!

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