If you live in the Midwest, like me, you’re probably getting pretty darn tired of the all-day-long gray skies and spats of snow that keep popping up every other day! If you’re on the East Coast – I’m sorry, please disregard my whining here, because I know you have it WAY worse! Nonetheless, today I just had the epiphany that the days are getting longer, which means this winter is almost OVER. This of course got me thinking about how Spring is JUST around the corner! And by around the corner I mean, it’s still weeks away (thanks to Phil), but still, I think this is cause for celebration, right?

If you’re planning a Spring wedding, party, baby shower or bridal shower – you can’t go wrong with the oh so traditional springtime colors. Bright and soft pastels – yellows, pinks, purples, oranges and peaches are always in style and they make for a perfect accent to any event.

Check out some of my faves from Martha Stewart Weddings!

If those don’t warm you’re heart and get you all ready for Spring, well then I just don’t know what to tell you. We’re looking forward to Spring here in the Midwest and also looking forward to seeing some great wedding and party photographs that capture it in all its glory! After all, Spring is one of my favorite party/wedding season (the other is fall) – not too hot and not to cold. Not to mention, in the Spring everything is in bloom!

So get out there and get to planning the most fabulous Springtime wedding, party, baby shower or bridal shower you can! And don’t forget (as always), if you don’t feel like planning, we’re always here to help – had to end with my Dishy plug for the day. :-)


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