If you’ve ever registered for wedding gifts before, you may know that it’s not quite as exhilarating as what you originally dreamed. Likely involved in the registration process are your not-so-interested groom and a pushy salesperson encouraging you to register for everything in sight! If you have a man who’s gung-ho about registering, then you’ve found yourself a gem there and he’s a keeper! However, most girls will experience the guy who could care less about what plate setting or flatware you choose!

If you’re new to the registration process, here are some quick tips to keep in mind as you begin to build your wish list. By no means is this a complete list, but it certainly includes some things I have learned a long the way.

  • If you don’t need everything, don’t register for everything! If you do, you’ll just end up with A LOT of stuff that will never get used or you’ll end up returning!
  • If you love a store, but aren’t sure what to register for, consider selecting the option for gift cards! It’s easy for you and also easy for your guests since they don’t have to sift through a long list of items!
  • Already have everything you need? Think about alternate gift options, i.e. Honeymoon Wishes. Or, consider having your guests donate money to your favorite charity or not-for-profit organization.
  • Are you really just interested in receiving money, the cash kind? Keep in mind that you’re chances of receiving money increase when you register for less!

And now the drum roll for some of the best places to register in St. Louis and nationwide:

  • Bed, Bath & Beyond
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Macy’s
  • Target
  • Home Depot

Oh yes I did throw a Home Depot out there! You didn’t read it incorrectly! Picking a store that your groom finds useful may just make the process more fun in the long run, not to mention your husband-to-be can register for a really cool lawn mower (or something like that)! :-)

Long story made short, registering can be fun when you make it what you want. Don’t feel pressured by a salesperson or guests suggesting you register for two of everything in the store! Register for what you need and hope for the best! Happy shopping! Cheers!

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