The bridesmaid(s) is one of the more important roles anyone will play in your wedding day. The bridesmaid(s) is there to support you long before and long after your wedding day. She (or he sometimes) is a best friend, a good friend, a family member – in short a bridesmaid someone who gladly puts on whatever dress you pick out and walks down that isle to show that they care!

While your undying gratitude is always appreciated, it is also fun to get them a little something extra to show them just how grateful you really are. A bridesmaid gift doesn’t have to be anything lavish or expensive. Trust me, most will understand that you’ve just paid for a wedding and I’m sure they will be happy with whatever you throw their way – remember it’s always that thought that counts! And a small token of appreciation can mean the world!

In either case, if your stumped on what to get your bridesmaid(s) for your upcoming wedding, think about giving these ideas, all for under $100, a whirl.

  • Clutch, Coin Purse or Wrislet – The clutch or a coin purse is not only a great gift, it’ s also very functional. Finding one that matches their dress or even their personality can be a great gift to give and receive. One of my absolute favorites when it comes to finding a small clutch or wristlet is Coach! They have tons of cute items all under $100!
  • Make-Up - I know make-up can be a hard thing to pick out for a friend, but when done right it can also be a great accessory to preparing for the wedding day. Try finding a little kit or all-inclusive item that may come in handy for the big day. Bare Escentuals and MAC Cosmetics both have some great gift options all under $100 as well! Guaranteed to please!
  • Jewelry - When I mention jewelry, I mean necklaces, bracelets, earrings or anything else you can think of. We’re not talking high class, super expensive jewelry here, but more like something that is different, inspired by the dress or even the wedding day. Custom jewelry is a unique way to give jewelry and most cities have awesome jewelers to help you out. If you’re in St. Louis think about Avaeli Couture or Jenny Present. Again, custom jewelry and most for under $100!
  • Mani/Pedi – Last but not least, you CANNOT go wrong with a manicure or pedicure! What’s not to love about being pampered from your hands to your feet? Am I right? Okay, well even it’s just me that feels this way, I bet your girls will appreciate being spoiled. Remember they will be on their feet for most of the day so why not prep them ahead of time. Plus, most mani/pedi combos, depending on where you live cost under a $100, did I mention that already?

Even though there’s only 4 ideas above, they are far and above my favorites! Remember to think functional, personal and meaningful when coming up with bridesmaid gift ideas. It doesn’t have to be amazing but it just has to be you. Being a such a big part of the wedding day is sometimes gift enough, so when you add the extra little something, you’re just putting the icing on the cake.

If you’re looking for more ideas, there are tons of places to get them. Try The Knot or American Bridal for some more great gift ideas! Have fun shopping!

Happy planning and cheers!

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