Corporate Events

It's no secret at Dishy, that we like weddings. But for as much as we like weddings, we also enjoy helping businesses celebrate great accomplishments, holidays and milestones. We plan corporate events with same enthusiasm and recognition of importance that we offer to all our clients. We'll help put together any event your organization requires - maybe a company dinner, holiday party or even a fundraiser. As always, the choice is yours and so is the dish.

When you hire Dishy for your corporate event, we'll:

  • Meet for an initial consultation to determine how we can best help you.
  • Be available to answers any questions (or provide advice) along the way.
  • Recommend and help you select vendors and venues.
  • Attend any and all vendor meetings you would like us to be involved in.
  • Be available to provide design/theme ideas as needed.
  • Help you finalize all vendor details and scheduling.
  • Help you organize your guest list for invitation planning.
  • Make sure your vendors are paid on time!
  • Put together a DETAILED schedule for your event.
  • Show up prior to your event to help with setup and guest greetings.
  • Be there to make sure any scheduled events happen on time.
  • Clean up and wrap up any and all event items.
  • And again, we'll be there for whatever you need!

Contact us to setup your initial consultation!