Private Parties

Sometimes you don't need a reason to throw a party. And really when you think about, when do you ever really need a reason to throw a fabulous party? At Dishy we know there are a lot of things worth celebrating in life and we want to be there to help you plan for them. We can help plan a small cocktail party, a family dinner party or even a lavish Halloween costume celebration. It's all about the detail and it's all about the planning for us. We know that parties are sometimes a must have and a must plan.

When you hire Dishy to help you plan your party, we'll:

  • Meet for an initial consultation to determine how we can best help you.
  • Be available to answers any questions (or provide advice) along the way.
  • Recommend and help you select the vendors and venues.
  • Attend any and all vendor meetings you would like us to be involved in.
  • Be available to provide design/theme ideas as needed.
  • Help you finalize all vendor details and scheduling.
  • Help you organize your guest list for invitation planning.
  • Make sure your vendors are paid on time!
  • Put together a DETAILED schedule for your event.
  • Make sure all pertinent parties have a copy of the schedule too.
  • Show up prior to your event to help with decor setup and guest greetings.
  • Be there to make sure any scheduled events happen on time.
  • Clean up and wrap up any and all party items.
  • And again, we'll be there for whatever you need!

Contact us to setup your initial consultation!