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Oscar Inspired Wedding Shoes

by Ashley in General on March 1, 2011

bonbonsruby satin1 300x275 Oscar Inspired Wedding ShoesI’m paying homage to my gals Brit Tucker (a.k.a. The Landlocked Bride) and Katie Saeger from Simply & Forever Event Planning on today’s blog post! They’re always posting super cute shoes on Tuesdays, Tuesday Shoesday to be exact…and well since the Oscars aired this past Sunday, we all experienced a plethora of hot shoes!

Some of the cutest ones came straight from the Stuart Weitman’s Red Carpet Collection. And here are a couple to feast your eyes on!

Speaking of which, if you’re on the hunt for some super cute wedding shoes for yourself or even the lovely ladies in your wedding party, then these shoes are sure to give you some ideas. Why not rock it out like some of our favorite Oscar celebs, especially if you can afford it, right?!? Don’t be shy on color or height. Think about making an impression on your wedding day with what’s on your freshly pedicured feet!

naughtypump 1298588121 300x208 Oscar Inspired Wedding ShoesSo there you have it, my official shot at a Tuesday Shoesday. How’s that for my first try? :-) Remember to keep it fun, make it personal…but please don’t forget those flip flops for later on the dance floor!

Much love Brit and Katie!

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Happy 102nd Blog Post!!!

by Ashley in General on February 13, 2011

Alright, so if I had been paying better attention last week,  I would have noticed that VERY recently we hit our 100th blog post! Yowsa! That’s been a lot of writing.

In celebration of our 102nd blog post (this one), I decided I’d go ahead and do a top 10 list outlining the progression of Dishy Event Planning in 2010! In a somewhat chronological order…here is my time line of events:

  1. Started Dishy Event Planning.
  2. Blogged…A LOT!
  3. Joined the board of Wish Upon a Wedding St. Louis Chapter as Marketing Chair.
  4. Joined the board of ISES St. Louis Chapter as PR Director.
  5. Started the St. Louis Wedding Planner site…and toured some sweet venues!
  6. Met some amazing vendors and made new friends that I LOVE!
  7. Worked a few weddings and rocked them out!
  8. Blogged about those weddings…A LOT.
  9. Turned Dishy into an LLC.
  10. Started blogging for other sites – STL Weddings and St. Louis Wedding Club.

So yeah, that’s about where we stand 102 blog posts later! Long live Dishy!

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How to Avoid Bridezilla Status

by Ashley in General | Weddings on January 25, 2011

1077748 bridal stance How to Avoid Bridezilla StatusWe’ve all seen it on television, the bride who just ever so slightly tips over the edge when something goes wrong during planning or on the day of her wedding.

She’s the bride who may just be stressed out enough to drop an f-bomb here or there when speaking to a family. She’s the bride that nobody wants to upset, but everyone is afraid to be around. That’s her. That’s the Bridezilla. Side note: You DO NOT want to be her!

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Dishy Does St. Louis Bride

by Ashley in General on January 17, 2011

So 2011 is our BIG year for advertising or the biggest so far. Last weekend was the St. Louis Bride and Groom Wedding Show. This weekend it was the St. Louis Bride Magazine Wedding Connection at the Chase Park Plaza. A big thanks to St. Louis Bride Magazine for putting on a stellar show. And an even bigger thank you to the vendors who graciously allowed us to use their materials to decorate our booth for the second week in a row – The Aries Company, Walter Knoll Florist, Connie Duglin Linen and Stephen Seward Photography.

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Dishy Does St. Louis Bride & Groom

by Ashley in General on January 15, 2011

Last weekend we decided to participate in the Wedding Show put on by St. Louis Bride and Groom Magazine. This two day extravaganza took place downtown at the America’s Center and boy was it a big one. We had hundreds of brides stop by to say hello and pick up information for 2011 and 2012! Notably our first wedding show, we’d like to call it a success right now, but we’ll wait just a couple more weeks to make that final determination! :-)

Sending a big thank you to all the vendors to contributed to making our booth amazing – The Aries Company, Connie Duglin Linen, Walter Knoll Florist and Stephen Seward Photography! And a very special thank you to my amazing event coordinator, Amanda Luebbehusen, for always being their to help me out!

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It’s a New Year! Happy 2011!

by Ashley in General on January 2, 2011

1321921 new year 2011 4 Its a New Year! Happy 2011!Well 2011 is finally here and I must say, I couldn’t be more excited to see what’s in store! Dishy Event Planning has officially been in business for exactly ONE year now and WHAT a year it has been!

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Happy Holidays from Dishy!

by Ashley in General on December 22, 2010

Well 2010 has been a complete whirlwind of a year – I cannot believe it’s almost over! I am expecting 2011 to be just as crazy, if not crazier! From Dishy Event Planning, we’d like to wish you and yours a very happy holidays and a prosperous new year! See you all in 2011…or maybe a little before if we muster up the motivation to blog after multiple holiday meals!

Eat lots of food and enjoy time with your friends and family! All the best!


1321208 christmas ribbon 22 Happy Holidays from Dishy!

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Jenny & Ryan: November 6, 2010

by Ashley in Recent Events on November 26, 2010

One of my most favorite things in the world these days is sharing stunning photos from amazing weddings! In this case, Stephen Seward made that possible for Jenny and Ryan, our November 6, 2010 bride and groom! Not only was Stephen great to work with but he had a sneak peek within days of the wedding, which I absolutely LOVE! So let’s take a look!

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Joanna August St. Louis Trunk Show: Coming 2011

by Ashley in General on November 19, 2010

Usually I sift through my emails like hot cakes and I archive a lot of them (thanks to Gmail) but today I received an email that was too good not to share! You see, this email came from Joanna August, an up and coming bridal and bridesmaid dress designer, who just launched her line early this year, and is already being sold around the globe! Woot!

Here are a few sneak peak photos taken from the Joanna August web site! Oh la la!

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Jenny & Ryan: A Quick Recap

by Ashley in Recent Events | Weddings on November 7, 2010

Well we wrapped up our final Dishy wedding for 2010 last night and what a way to end the wedding season, with a BANG! Mr. and Mrs. Ryan and Jenny Kiernan :-) are such an amazing couple and it shined through in everything about their wedding day. Both Mizzou grads, Jenny a cheerleader and Ryan a basketball player, they couldn’t be more of a match made in heaven! I was honored to be a part of their wedding day and even more impressed with the amount of thought they put into each and every detail. Between the dueling pianos and DJ mixes, the limbo and several dance offs, this was a wedding to remember!

Here are a few quick shots taken by my always amazing Event Coordinator, Amanda. And as usual, even better photos will follow from the true photographer, Steven Seward!

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