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Building a Wedding Plan

by Ashley in General on June 14, 2010

Checkbox Building a Wedding PlanComing from my project management background, of course I would think that having a wedding plan is a definite must for your wedding day planning process. Why you ask? Because it’s an easy way to keep track of all the tasks you need to complete for your wedding day and the time frame in which you hope to complete them. I know it seems completely lame and maybe even a little redundant, but it really can help!

If you’re like me, when you have a busy day, week or even month coming up, I make a task list of every detail I need to accomplish. And I LOVE my lists, it’s quite a weird obsession actually! :-)

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You’re engaged! Congratulations! Now what

by Ashley in General on January 24, 2010

Couple Youre engaged! Congratulations! Now whatIt’s pretty typical for the whirlwind excitement of an engagement to be met with the all too common question – “Where do I start?” The process of planning your wedding will probably be one of the more stressful, yet most enjoyable experiences of your life. There’s no sugarcoating it – planning will not easy! But with the right tips and strategy, you can streamline your planning to make it a smooth process for all involved. So really, where do you start? How about here:

SET THE DATE. Let’s say you’ve been engaged for a month, a week, maybe even a DAY – what’s the first question everyone asks you and your fiance? Maybe “When’s the big day? Have you picked a day yet? When are you getting married?” Answering these questions over and over again is always easier when you have a date in mind! So what are you waiting for? Pick and day and set it in stone. Plus, the sooner you pick a day, the sooner you can start the fun process we like to call planning!

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