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Kitchen Utensils1 A Pampered Chef Wedding Shower...Say It Aint So!Last week I received an anonymous tip from a male friend of mine notifying that his wife received of one of the most interesting bridal show invitations I have ever heard of…a Pampered Chef Wedding Shower! That email sent an immediate chill up my spine! After all, multi-level marketing and wedding showers DO NOT go together in my mind. And I don’t think it should be any bride’s intent to earn a gift or a reward based on how many gifts her guests give her, let alone buy in front of her. What happened to being grateful for giving and supportive family and friends??

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Bridal Shower Mania – AHHH

by Ashley in General | bridal shower on February 7, 2010

Being a bride is fun! Really fun! I’ve been there and done that…last year to be exact. And part of what makes being a bride so enjoyable are all of the little celebrations (of your love) leading up to your big day – I’m talking specifically about bridal showers. Bridal showers rock not only because you receive gifts but also because it’s a more personal celebration with your closest friends and family.

A perfectly planned and UNIQUE bridal shower can make for a great time for all attendees, and most importantly the bride. If you’re responsible for planning a shower in the near future, try and think out side the box. Don’t plan the same old shower you’ve seen before – try something different and personal to the bride’s style.

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