See what a few of our brides have to say about the Dishy team!

Jaci (Burgess) Spindler
March 24, 2012

It was important to me to hire someone to finalize all of the details and make it come together so I could enjoy my wedding day and the final weeks leading up to it. Any question, hesitation, last minute change, or fear was met with a friendly smile, quick response, and gentle reassurance. Ashley's organization, attention to detail, and upbeat attitude resulted in exactly what I dreamed of, a perfect and stress-free wedding day. All of my vendors have raved about Dishy's team and how easy and great they are to work with, which is a huge aspect to consider as well.

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Kate (Leonard) Babington
September 24, 2011

I worked with Ashley during the final month of my wedding planning (Side Dish contract). I had been hesitant about getting a planner because I had a very helpful mother-in-law and was also tight on cash. But, her help was absolutely indispensible. She was able to do things in a way others really couldn't and freed them up to enjoy the wedding day as much as I did. I am SO glad I chose to hire her! When Ashley truly worked her magic was on the day of the wedding and the week before. All the work she did those days was well worth the price of the month contract. She was sweet and friendly so you felt like she was just another great friend at the wedding BUT she was a powerhouse when it came to ensuring everything came off perfectly. She coordinated a meeting with the vendors (I came from out of town so this first time I met everyone) double checking that they knew just where to go and when, offered to run little errands for us, kept things running smoothly with cute To Do lists and minute-by-minute itineraries. On the actual day, I didn't have to mention a single thing to her. She changed out linens, re-folded napkins, set up decorations, trouble-shot audio problems and all with an air of calm and professionalism. I truly thought only about getting myself ready and about the significance of the day. Not another thing was on my mind and EVERYTHING was perfect. My guests couldn't say enough great things. Even after the big day, she was helpful with questions about tips. I am so thankful that Ashley was part of our wedding!

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Carol (Young) Vella
June 11, 2011

Ashley was great! She was on top of all the details - everyone at my wedding was so impressed that the wedding events actually happened on time! She was willing to give her opinion, but left the final decisions to me. She is great!

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Amy (Semith) Babington
May 21, 2011

Having Ashley as a planner was amazing! There is so much to do the last week and the day of the wedding. It was reassuring to know we had Ashley to stay on top of all the details, timing and keep everyone on task. Both my mom and I could enjoy the day vs. deal with all the little things. Everything happened on time and nothing fell through the cracks. No matter what, it would have been an amazing day, but with Ashley, it was a stress free amazing day. Ashley is extremely professional, very organized and responsive, but still flexible. I would recommend Ashley to anyone!

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Beth (Gray) Susic
May 14, 2011

Ashley was AMAZING! She went above and beyond to make our wedding day perfect. She was very organized and kept my Husband and I on track with timelines and budgets. She had a lot of great ideas and connections to bring our vision to life. My wedding day was the BEST day of my life. I was stress free and only had to be concerned with looking beautiful! My Husband says that hiring Ashley was the best decision we've ever made. My bridesmaids and parents were also thrilled that they could enjoy our wedding instead of work it. I recommend Ashley & Dishy Events to anyone that wants an amazing wedding that is STRESS FREE!!!

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Jenny (Weeks) Kiernan
November 6, 2010

I was hesitant at first to hire a wedding planner. There are so many wedding related expenses, who wants to add another, right? Several months before the wedding, I started to to get worried that I wasn't going to be able to do it by myself. We had a lot of moving parts involved with the day, plus we were on a tight timeline and had a huge wedding party (26 people). A friend recommended Ashley and luckily that she was available on my date. Ashley took over everything during that last stressful month. She called and emailed all vendors, made multiple timelines, even found me a new photographer when mine backed out a few weeks before the wedding! The wedding day went smoothly and all issues were taken care of by her and her staff without me being aware of any problems. After all of the time and money spent on your wedding, the last thing you want to do is stress on the big day (and your mom doesn't want to either)! I highly recommend Ashley due to her professionalism, organizational skills, and friendly personality. I couldn't have done it without her!

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Jennifer (Martin) Fischer
October 9, 2010

My wedding day was a one-in-a-million experience -- all because Ashley and her staff handled the 999,999 other details that needed attention. Rather than worrying about flowers, vendors, programs, rentals, gifts or even table reservation cards, I was able to focus on my groom, our guests and the amazing wedding day we all shared. If you want to be sure that your wedding day goes smoothly, and that every last loose end will be tied in a pretty bow, call Dishy Events. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

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Lauren (Goldkamp) Schutte
August 7, 2010

Ashley and her Crew were amazing. She was always available to answer any of our questions. Ashley was calm and professional. Our wedding turned out amazing. I don't know what we would have done without Dishy Event Planning.

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